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4 unexpected products Soon  in the world Apple WWDC 2018

 4 unexpected products Soon  in the world Apple WWDC 2018

Here’s the top 4 themes we expect to eat Apple:


New MacOS applications :

Apple WWDC 2018 :Rumors has it that the new system of Macs will come with applications running as a single unit with apps for iPhone, iPad or coined as several news sources “standard iPad and iPhone and Mac applications. Which refers to facilitating the transition between Mac applications, iPhone or iPad.



Mac Pro :

Return to April 2017, TechCrunch site Apple managers that the company is working on a new version of the Mac Pro desktop computer that launched in 2013. While the company did not announce from the computer, that he expected to talk about the Conference.

Apple WWDC 2018.


Focus  in iOS 12 :

No doubt that Apple’s new iPad and iPhone operating system will be viewer . We believe it will shed light on the new Animogi characters, and can be used within FaceTime calls according to MacRumors.

Some new updates may deal with integration of Siri with photos and more control over the do not disturb feature. But the major focus will be to make the system more stable and is what many sources.




New Ipad :

Bred rumors about the coming of a new iPad iPhone design Pro X where high margins and support front camera with real depth sensors to bring 3D recognition on the face and animogi characters.



Apple WWDC 2018.

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