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AlterEgo is the headset that can hear your thoughts

AlterEgo headset, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

detects the neuromuscular signals that occur when a person wants to express themselves and can interpret words with an accuracy of 92%.

AlterEgo is an amazing new device created by a graduate student of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that can answer your unspoken questions.

AlterEgo is an amazing

Think about something and think the sentence like “what time is it?” But do not say the words out loud. If you wear the AlterEgo helmet, it will “hear” your request and answer it.

How does it work?

The device works with electrodes that detect the neuromuscular signals that go through the jaw and the mouth when subvocalization is practiced, that is to say that one speaks to oneself without pronouncing a word. AlterEgo is able to identify words with an accuracy of 92%, which is really impressive.

AlterEgo is an amazing


It is like a computer interface that merges the human and the machine.

Coupled with a neural network to reconstruct words, the headset can then provide answers in a similarly discreet way, thanks to a pair of bone conduction headphones. The user can interact completely silently with the device.

This idea of ​​resorting to subvocalization as an intimate computer interface is particularly interesting. Still, the AlterEgo headset itself is unlikely to arouse the envy of the general public. But with a further development on its ergonomics, it could very well be integrated to Virtual Reality devices for example, or find applications in the professional field, especially for people working in a noisy environment.

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