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Top 4 Books only For Football – all what You need To know –

We will review the round-table discussion of an important aspect of life: reading.

It is likely that the experience of a round lover in reading a book about history, tactics or the strangest attitudes of football history will be a rich and exciting experience. So we present to you the top 10 books on football that if you go to an isolated island with her you will not feel any tension or boredom.


  • Inverted pyramid

Football Books
This book is one of the most important records of football plans and tactics.
The author of the book is the English writer Jonathan Wilson, published in 2008, and translated into Arabic and published by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority in 2014.

In his book, Wilson has been monitoring the evolution of football laws and tactics since the beginning of the game. He has also talked about the most prominent figures who have revolutionized the history of football, such as Johan Cruyff and Arigu Sacchi. Such as Italian catechino and the concept of universal ball and others. What distinguishes this book is how many pictures and illustrations used by the famous journalist in the Guardian to explain the tactics of football in a simple way.




  • Football between the sun and shadew

Football Books This book is one of the few attempts to address football philosophically different from the perspective that others see football. Eduardo Galliano, the author of this book in 1995, believes that football, like art, is a mirror of its societies, and that the stadium is a theater with many human stories.
Galliano focused on each element of the game individually and told a story about the center.

Galliano also spoke about the legends of the game at the World Cup, such as Pele, Maradona, Platini and other World Cup stars from 1938 to 1994. The book was translated and published in 2011 by Tawa Publishing House.

  • Football Wars

This book talks about the most violent moments in football. The interest of political leaders in football has occupied a major part of this book as well as the wars that have taken place because of the round witch. The writer then spoke about the secret of football’s association with force, violence and sometimes even mass abuses.
The book devoted a good space to Egyptian football and its history since the English occupation and the emergence of major clubs in Egypt until its modern era.

The author of the book is Dr. Yasser Thabet, an Egyptian journalist who has served as a director in several leading news channels such as Sky News, Al Jazeera and Free. The book was published in 2010 by Al Ain publishing house.

  • I’m Zlatan

Football Books This book carries the biography of Sweden’s most prominent star through its history or ‘Sultan’ as its fans call it ‘Zlatan Ibrahimovic’. A book whose title is identical to the character of his friend, who was keen to lead the media throughout his career, which seems to have come to an end.

The book publish by Ibra in collaboration with the Swedish writer David Lagirkrantz.
The book contains several chapters dealing with ‘Zlatan’ in each of them an interesting story separate from the previous story or the next.

Has been published in several languages, not including the Arabic language officially _ so far_ and everything transferred to the Arab world is a self-effort of some websites and journalists in the translation of part of the content of the book.


  • My resume, Sir Alex Ferguson

Football Books Fame, fun, challenge, insistence, ingenuity are all things that the reader must be certain he will come out of after reading Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography, which he has written for four years.
In this book, Ferguson has covered all the details of his life since his inception in Glasgow and his career with football.

Ferguson devoted a lot of space to talking about his career with United and how his first days were very difficult in Manchester amid multiple failures, when and how this shift in his career made some people describe him as the best in the history of football. He also talked about some of the players he had experienced in his career and his views on personalities such as David Beckham, Roy Keane and, of course, his spoiled son Cristiano Ronaldo. The book  in 2013 by the ´Hodder * Stoughtonª and no Arabic publishing house translate the book so far officially.

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