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You will not believe how much steve jobs speach was sold

At a public action held by the RR Auction company, sell a functional application written in Steve encounter more than $174,000 , by rotrz the winner of the show is a businessman who bid over the Internet from Britain but he didn’t want his identity revealed.


steve jobs

The letter did not mention the position which was advancing his jobs, he studied the personality of the founder of Apple, still I’m 17 years old.

Steve knew himself as a major in English literature at Reed College, but left school in the fall of 1972 and after a single semester, however, lives on campus with his friends and sometimes chapters until 1973.

Steve also pointed to his experience in the field of computers and calculators, and under “special abilities” without “electronics technology, Engineer-designer. My number. ”

Steve also noted that he has a license but it has a cellphone; “line opened access for navigation means, wrote” possible, but unlikely.

A year after his chiefs career speech, into jobs at Atari company specialized in video games walnashah. Two years later, in 1976, created jobs and Steve Wozniak of Apple.



Job application letter from Steve originally priced at $5,000, but the bid price quickened until I was in the end the amount of us $174,757.

It has sold other memorabilia of jobs through the auction, selling a manual for the operating system Mac OS X location of jobs meeting $41,806, and sold scrap paper signed by jobs meeting $26,950.

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