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World’s 4 Electronic currency

Electronic currency are a cloud  currencies not comparable to touch as the dollar and the euro.

second-hand to purchase in the digital world and don’t need any intermediary between buyer and seller.

 Electronic currency Notably its composition which is the most traded months. but there are many other currencies According to the website, Marc CAP, there are more than 1578 encrypted digital currency are traded throughout the world.

Electronic currency


Not all useful or verified something, according to a report by Weiss Ratings is an independent American Agency, there are many electronic currencies non-reliable and worst in the world.

For the ‘ effective ‘ encrypted coins, Weiss ratings from 1 to 4. Rated below arrange 12 encrypted currencies which are worst in investment.








Electronic currency

  • Auraracoin

  • PotCoin

  • Electroneum

  • Novacoin


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