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Amazon’s secret project revealed by Bloombergoc

Bloomberg revealed one of Amazon’s new project, which was kept secret for a while before it was disclosed by the agency’s sources who preferred to remain anonymous, according to Bloomberg, a new home robot is currently being developed by the company in its laboratories.


Amazon has recently paid much attention to artificial intelligence technology, launching a number of related products such as the home-use smart speaker Echo Dot. And according to the Bloomberg report Amazon is moving in this same direction by developing a new home robot.

Agency sources pointed out that the symbolic name of this new project will be “Vesta”, and that the lab 126 located in :

San Francisco, California, is developing this new innovation and will be ready for preliminary tests – that will be held in the homes of a number of employees – at the end of the year before the company officially begins marketing it in 2019.

The Vesta robot will be able to move smoothly around the house and provide a variety of services.

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