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Transgenders are disqualified from military service by Donald Trump

The President Donald Trump signed a memorandum Friday prohibits some transgender service in the US Army, but the armed forces are given discretion in policy implementation.

Donald Trump


Note that transgender people who have suffered in the past from sexual identity disorder consider ineligible for military service ‘ only under certain limited circumstances.

They note that they are familierĀ  as ‘ maybe they need intensive medical treatment including prescription drugs or surgery.

The White House said that Defence Minister Jim Mathis felt discover with gender identity disorder or history of injury to pose on the effectiveness of the army.




Donald TrumpĀ : Added ‘ new policy will enable the army of mental and psychological criteria apply equally firmly on all individuals who wish to join and fight in the ranks of the world’s best military force ‘.


She criticized us Democratic National Committee move and describing it as an affront to members of the armed forces of transgender. In a statement, Stern said House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi that the new policy would undermine the nation.

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