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Chilean feminist students are calling for revolution

For the past month, Chile is witnessing a historic feminist movement, manifestations and female students marching in the street and universities, calling for a non sexist education, and for the end of harassment and gender inequalities in the health system.

feminist students


Initiated in late April by students in Chile, the movement is gradually spreading throughout the country. Wednesday, June 6, thousands of women have marched in several cities to denounce the machismo, feminicide and harassment in the country.

About 15,000 protesters marched in Santiago, according to the capital city council.

This Chilean women’s and feminist movement began at the University of Southern Chile in Valdivia, where a professor was found guilty of sexually harassing a faculty employee. As a sanction, he was simply forced to change jobs, which led to the first feminist revolt of the university on April 17.

Since then, about twenty faculties of the country are the theater of manifestations claiming a non-sexist education and the end of the stereotypes belittling women. “This mobilization has exploded in the face of everyone, because there is a lot of resentment, a lot of things accumulated,” said Araceli Farias, vice president of the Federation of Students at the Catholic University of Santiago.

In late May, President Sebastian Piñera announced the creation of a 12-point “Women’s Agenda” aimed at reducing gender inequalities. The plan includes constitutional reform to ensure “full equality of rights”.

But the universities’ representatives teject these unilateral and ineficient measures and denounce the lack of any proposal in the educational field.


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