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Australia decides to expel two Russian diplomats

Australia decided to expel two Russian diplomats, background on double agent poisoning incident, a retired Russian intelligence officer Sergei skribal and his daughter Yulia.

And Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said in a statement issued Monday evening March 26, 2018, they made the decision to express solidarity with Australia’s allies, in reference to the United Kingdom, explaining that poisoning incident ‘ direct attack on British sovereignty rights ‘, they condemn her.


On Monday, 19 States, including 15 members of the European Union, the expulsion of Russian diplomats, on the background of skribal poisoning case.




These decisions on the expulsion of diplomats from several countries 109, chiefly the United States, which has decided to expel 60 Russia diplomatically.
Britain has accused Russia of trying to kill skribal (66 years old) and daughter Yulia (33 years), using the ‘ nerve ‘, sparked a diplomatic crisis between the two countries.

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