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Is eating organic food is healthier ?

Organic food arrived to the region following the global trend sweeping environmental awareness and increasing health. What is organic food?

 organic foodYou can define ‘ organic farming ‘ agriculture working on producing agricultural products taking into consideration the natural values and soil conservation.

Organic farming contributes to protecting the environment, improving air and water quality and improve soil fertility, all of that is avoiding the use of prohibited chemicals and synthetic materials. This does not use conventional pesticides and fertilizers and great care needed at all stages of processing, preparation and transfer.

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If organic food is food that is all organic means production process, ranging from irrigation, through supplements and fertilizers and triggers the growth of animals and plants. Organic Agriculture rejected the use of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers, use of medicines, hormones, preservatives, colorings and genetic engineering that encourages accelerated growth and higher productivity.



Four principles rely on organic foods

According to the Association of IFOAM, the International Association of organic agriculture, the organic food depend on four main principles, which are connected with the direct relationship between man and his environment and natural resources that feeds, including:

The first principle is the principle of health, who says that organic agriculture is responsible for maintaining ecosystem health care and detail that, as one unit, which include: soil, plants, animals, humans and the planet.

Realizing this principle is possible by producing organic food nutritious, high-quality, which allows to maintain the health of consumers and improve their standard of living and the quality of the environment as a whole.




Aside from being against diseases, organic farming produces organic foods, contribute to improving the physical, mental, social and environmental preservation.

Accordingly, the refrain from using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, medicines and controversial supplements, which may create an imbalance in the environment and cause damage to health.



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