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5 psychic tricks to make people meet your desires

5 psychic tricks to make people meet your desires as if you were a charm and to become an influential person

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1. When interviewing people for the first time

5 psychic tricks : Look at their eyes with a simple smile for a second or two. This trick responds to most people and leaves them with a good impact.


2. Focus on the foot position.

If you are going to engage in a conversation between two people who are involved in something important and do not want to interrupt, they will move their trunk without moving their feet and this indicates that they do not agree to join you at the moment. Similarly, if you are talking to a coworker and his trunk is still facing you but his feet are heading towards another direction, he does not want to complete this conversation.




3 – Change your mental state before a meeting or important meeting.

It is essential that the individual be prepared for an important meeting or a meeting. You have to talk to yourself and say, “I know these people all my life and we are old friends so I can not wait to see them.” Imagine a handshake, a conversation with your eyes, a smooth conversation with them and things you do not wait to tell them. Stand and your feet are far from each other and put your hand on your middle and put your shoulders back with a smiley face. In this way you will change your mental state to the strongest.

4. If you are nervous about something.

Chew gum and this trick will solve the problem. The explanation is that when chewing gum or eating anything the brain will explain that the current situation is not a dangerous situation or a nervous one, because it will explain that you eat, no one eats at risk, and so will calm down.

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5. Call people you’ve just met by name.

Where many people like to call their names and give that feeling a sense of confidence, and thus increase the possibility of a friendship immediately.



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