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10 amazing grandma’s tips and tricks to lose weight

We usually look for fast and visible results when we are trying to lose weight. But of course, losing weight sometime could be a long process and it demands dieting and a lot of exercising.

What if, in addition, you can use some tricks from our grandmothers that allow you to lose weight faster?

With very simple ideas to associate with a diet and physical activity, there is no doubt that the melting of the pounds will be faster, or at least easier.

Here are some solutions to borrow from our dear grandmothers:

Shopping on a full stomach

This trick is particularly important because shopping when you’re hungry encourages you to buy more high-calorie foods.

lose weight

Do more house chores and cleaning

Older generations do more housework. It is important to know that you can burn around 200 calories for one hour cleaning. So do not skimp on cleaning.

Put parsley in all your dishes

Parsley is very diuretic, fights water retention and regulates blood sugar levels. Use this slimming ally daily in your dishes.

Add pepper to your food

Pepper helps with digestion and therefore, it burns fat faster. Also, do not hesitate to pepper all your dishes

Drink green tea

Drinking green tea burns 80 more calories each day. So it’s an essential grandmother’s tip to lose weight faster.

Drink lemon water

Press half a lemon in one liter of water to drink all day. It is a good detox and diuretic.

Drink the artichokes’ cooking water

Yes we know the cooking water of artichokes has a bitter taste, but it has excellent diuretic properties. So do not throw it away anymore and drink it to lose weight faster.

Eat a tomato in the morning

Eating a raw fresh tomato in the morning can help you lose weight faster while regulating your cholesterol.

Eat cold potatoes and eggs

Cold potatoes develop resistant starch that satiates you without being assimilated as fat. Do not hesitate to consume potatoes as well. As for eggs, they are low in calories but very high in protein which makes them excellent food to lose weight

Do not eat after 7 pm

Thus, you will draw evening and night in your own body’s fat reserves.

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