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The beginning of 2018 being Japanese sedan was launched Toyota Avalon

The beginning of 2018 being Japanese sedan was launched Toyota Avalon new 2019 events within the Detroit Auto show.

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The result of the end of the test version of the Toyota Avalon 2019 test self-drive systems without any human intervention, these tests was certainly on a special track for Toyota in the U.S. State of Michigan, to rely on a group driven car Computers enable them to drive themselves.

Toyota confirmed that this trial version of Avalon self-driving 2019 didn’t depend on cameras, sensors and radar systems during its move autonomously, using only the navigation system, Toyota confirms that the process of testing this car is not depends on all sorts of Technology, however, succeeded Toyota Avalon model 2019.




Away from that command systems CV it is worth mentioning that the new generation Toyota Camry got a different design of the last generation sharp offensive identity appears with a huge network reporting interface extended down the front bumper covers modern lamps, and shows some design derived from the new Lexus cars To give the Toyota Avalon model 2019 instantly modern identity that combines simplicity and operational and sporting spirit.

Video From channel AUTO MOTO

New Toyota Avalon relies on TNGA same wheelbase used two Toyota Camry Toyota Prius Toyota 2018 2018 and CH-R, and will also have a Toyota Corolla coming 2020, making the car longer by 0.7 inches and view by 0.8 inch lower on the ground, are available In the cabin interior more roominess for passengers.

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