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New Volkswagen SUV will soon be marketed

Tharu, the new Volkswagen SUV will soon be marketed in the American continent after its launching in China.


Tharu made its debut in China. This compact SUV, measures 4,453mm in length, and it is part of the SAIC-Volkswagen range, which already offers the Tiguan.

Is it a bad strategy? No, because the Tiguan that is already on sale in China is the extended version with 4,470 mm in length, so there is room below for this Tharu. Above all, this new car will play the card of a more aggressive price positioning.


Based on the Seat Ateca and Skoda Karoq, the design of this model is also economical. But the look is pretty differentiated including a front completely reviewed. The bow, massive with impressive optics, is inspired by the big Atlas SUV.

Video From Automotomagazine

The Volkswagen Tharu will be one of the elements of conquest of the German car maker in China, where like the rest of the world, love SUVs.


Ten cars will be launched by the brand in China within three years! But the model will not be reserved for the Chinese market only. It will indeed play the role of economical compact SUV on several other regions. A production is thus announced in Mexico, for commercialization in the United States, where again the Tiguan exists only in stretched version. South America should also be served.

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