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United Airlines’ new pet policy bans multiple dogs and cats breeds

According to recent statistics, United Airlines registered the highest number of animals deaths on a flight in 2017.

To improve its image, United Airlines has announced its tight work with the animal welfare group American Humane to improve the animals’ travel program and to take good measures to avoid, in the future, these terrible incidents: now, a dozen breeds of dogs and cats will be prohibited in the hold of the aircraft .

United Airlines

This is particularly the case for short-muzzled breeds such as Bulldogs, Pekinese, Pugs, Boxers …, which are also and already prohibited in many other airlines. Large molossers’ breeds, like the Mastiff, will also be banned.

On the other hand, small dogs, including short-muzzled dogs, can always travel alongside their master in the cabin, provided they are locked in a cage or any other approved pet transport bag.

In addition, United Airlines will no longer accept to transport an animal (regardless of species or breed) during the summer, to and from the hottest destinations in the United States: Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Phoenix and Tucson.

The affairs of the poor Bulldog who died in the luggages compartment last 13th March and of the two dogs whose respective destinations were reversed, appear to have marked a turning point in United Airlines’ policy regarding the transport of animals. In recent years, the airline continues to multiply the scandals … It would total 18 animals deaths during its flights in 2017.

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