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Amazing what color blindness See

First I must point out here the name “color blindness” is not actually accurate to describe that situation.

The common name; because color blind real though very rarely, and maybe if we used the name “color vision deficiency finer Color Vision Deficiency or something known colloquially by CVD from scratch, you will connect the reader between accurate and common name As he did now.This is called promoting reading implying the contrast.

color blindness


Back to color vision deficiency, we find that a large number of us don’t really understand the term color blindness, it does not mean that a person doesn’t see colors at all, or he sees everything in gray.

While the truth is that the color blindness person has a discrepancy in color vision, he sees a limited number of them by color category to which it belongs.

For specific types of color blindness and most frequent is Deuteranomaly, or what we might call Uncle green and makes everything seem dimmed, there is a red color blindness Protanopia which makes everything seem a little.






My uncle looks greener there yellow and blue Tritanopia makes things Coloured light degree of pink, green and finally there is the rarest case and most true Monochromacy  colorblindness name which does not see the injured any color at all. Only gradients of gray and black! The proportion of true color blindness 0.00003% no more than the number of people with color vision deficiency around




Check What You see :

Video from BluesCookie

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